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GOJU inc is based in Toronto, Canada, and was established in 2018. Almost 2 years went into the development of this product before releasing it into the market. This JUUL charger has been made with people in mind.

After almost 1 year of revisions with many samples given away to test what exactly people want as an everyday JUUL charger on the go. When we released the final product people did love everything about it. This Juul charger beats every other charger out there, we know it based on people's reviews, comments and thank you emails. Quality and satisfaction of JUUL users is our number one priority that is why we use only brand new TSMC (Taiwan) microchips developed only for us and brand new batteries of course. GOJU Juul charger is made in-house and is not resold under any other brand names, you can only buy it from us and no one else unlike other chargers out there. GOJU Juul charger is made by professionals who made all kinds of other charging devices for giant corporations for over 30 years. We know chargers! Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

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