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How many times can I charge JUUL with GOJU Juul charger?

You can charge you JUUL up to 3 times with fully charged GOJU

What is the capacity of the Juul charger

Capacity of GOJU portable JUUL charger is 1100 mah equivalent to a aaa battery

What is the warranty of Goju JUUL charger

2- year warranty

Which states and countries can this Juul charger be delivered to?

Currently, we deliver to all states and Canada

Can I use JUUL and charge at the same time?

Yes, you can lift it up slightly to stop the charge and use you JUUL device to vape then let your JUUL go and homing magnet will pull it back into charging position.

How does this charger hold JUUL in place while charging?

GOJU uses a strong magnet at the bottom to hold your JUUL in place even if you flip it upside down.

How long does it take to charge my Juul with GOJU?

Takes about 15-20 minutes to reach 70% on your JUUL. To get to 100% is about an hour.

How many times can I use this Juul charger?

You can use it up to 600 cycles plus. You will still get a charge after that but capacity will start dropping.

What kind of battery is in GOJU Juul charger?

GOJU Juul chargers use a Lithium Polymer battery just like in the JUUL device itself.

What if my JUUL is not charging?

You should always keep the connection part of your JUUL device clean. Sometimes you will see that Juul is not charging or charging slowly. That is due to dirty pogo pins and/or dirty connectors on the JUUL. Use sanitizer and cloth material to wipe both connection points on Juul and charger.

Is GOJU JUUL charger waterproof?

It is made for light rain exposure. Do not worry to let it wet a little, just try to dry up pogo pins if you want to use it when it is wet.

What material is the Juul charger?

GOJU is made from aluminum and plastic parts inside to hold the battery. It is made for rugged environments and travel, so you do not have to worry about outdoor activity use or making it wet. It will handle any outdoor environment!

How does the light indicator work on Goju JUUL charger?

Light indicator will show you only the current charge and not Juul charge. Blinking red means 5% left. Red light range 10-30% capacity. Yellow is 40-60% capacity and green is 70-100% capacity. To see the current Juul charge refer to Juul's battery light indicator.

Can I buy GOJU Juul charger in the stores?

No these are not sold in stores you can only get it from us directly.

Is GOJU Juul charger sold under any other brand names?

No, it is only sold by us and there are no other brand names or models sold except by us.

Where is GOJU Inc. based and when was it established?

GOJU Inc. is based in Canada and was established in 2018.

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